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The Zanetti lab

Cryo-tomography of coats


We have postdoc positions available 
Please contact Giulia if you would like to join the lab.

Current members

Current members

Giulia Zanetti, PI

g.zanetti at

giulia.zanetti at


Sander Van der Verren, postdoc

s.van_der_verren at


Katie Downes, postdoc

katie.downes at


Zabir Abedin, MRes student

zabir.abedin at

Lab alumni

Euan Pyle, postdoc

Cristina Escalona Lopez, Master Student

Evgenia Markova, PhD student

Joshua Hutchings, PhD student

Nick Brown, research assistant

Debbie Woods, rotation student

Sophie Brown, rotation student

Himani Amin, rotation student 

David Wilson, summer intern

Stefany Ugochim Eduputa, summer intern


We collaborate with Liz Miller at the LMB/MRC on the structure and function of COPII.

We also have many internal and external collaboration where we use single-particle cryo-EM and cryo-tomography to understand a variety of important biological processes, for example the Waksman lab at ISMB.

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