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The Zanetti lab

Cryo-tomography of coats


Jan 2024 - Euan's paper on BioRxiv!

June 2023 - the lab is seconded to the Crick institute, we are moving!

May 2023 - Katie joins the lab as a postdoc, Welcome Katie!

May 2021 - Euan's review on subtomogram averaging is published, congrats!

Apr 2021- Congratulations Dr. Markova! Jenny has successfully defended her PhD thesis.

Mar 2021- Josh's paper is finally published!


Dec 2020 - Sander is awarded an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship! Well done Sander!

Also congrats to former lab member Josh Hutchings for securing an EMBO fellowship too.

Jul 2020 - Sander joins the lab as an ERC-funded postdoc. Welcome Sander!

Jul 2020 - after 4 years with us Josh is moving for a postdoc in Elizabeth Villa's lab at UCSD: best of luck Josh!

Jun 2020 - Josh's most recent work on the structure of the full COPII coat is available on BioRxiv

Apr 2020 - Liz Miller's preprint on COPII multivalent assembly interface is available on BioRxiv

Mar 2020 - Giulia is awarded the Colworth Medal from the Biochemical Society!

Jan 2020 - Welcome to the lab Euan! (BBSRC-funded postdoc)

Nov 2019 - Josh successfully defends his PhD viva - congratulations Dr. Hutchings!

Oct 2019 - It was fun to work with Daniel Castano-Diez on this review on subtomogram averaging!

Sep 2019 - Welcome Michaela Conley and Andrew Burns, visiting from the Bhella lab in Glasgow

Sep 2019 - Goodbye Nick, and good luck at the Crick!

Sep 2019 - ERC Starting Grant! 

Aug 2019 - A BBSRC grant is awarded.

Aug 2019 - Josh's review on transport of bulky cargo is published.

May 2019 - Check out Jenny's review here.

Oct 2018 - Josh's paper is out! Check it out.

Aug 2018 - Josh's review on subtomogram averaging.

May 2018 - Welcome to the lab Sophie (WT 3-month rotation student)

Jan 2018 - Welcome to the lab Himani (WT 3-month rotation student)

Jul 2017 - Welcome Nick! (Springboard award-funded lab assistant)

Mar 2017 - We are awarded the AMS/Wellcome Trust Springboard award!

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